Isn’t she a beauty! When Charlie Priest was part-formed in my head one possibility was that his main mode of transport would be a 1952 Vincent HRD motorcycle. I eventually decided to take a more popular route and gave him an E-type Jaguar. He’s not an enthusiast – he inherited the car and quickly sold it – but the story (“The Picasso Scam”)- demanded that he drove a desirable and recognisable vehicle, so the E-type it had to be. As soon as I saw that Morse drove a Jag I ditched it, although Morse’s was “only” a MkII. On 11th August 1999 there was a total eclipse of the Sun, which would have been visible from much of England if it hadn’t been for the ten-tenths cloud cover. Doreen and I ventured down to Cornwall in the hope of experiencing totality, but all we saw was a pale disk with a big bite taken out of it, and that for only a few seconds. However, we did see this E-type, and Doreen grabbed a couple of photos.