As usual, doodling pictures of his colleagues in his notepad is the only entertainment DI Charlie Priest expects to get at the monthly superintendents’ meeting, but this time he’s in for a surprise. After covering all the points on the agenda, DCS Colin Swainby – the ugliest policeman in the East Pennine force and unfortunate subject of Priest’s restless pen – stands to make a personal statement. He is to resign, quietly and without fuss, because certain allegations have been made against him. And those allegations involve a mysterious beautiful woman….

When an attractive woman is snapped in a passionate clinch with MP Edward Gross on the roomy backseat of his Rover Connoisseur, Ted, too, opts for a quiet exit, but his has a far more permanent outcome.

Charlie knows there must be a connection between these two incidents and it becomes clear he’s going to have to go to great lengths to prove it.

Stuart Pawson is on top form in this latest Charlie Priest mystery, firmly establishing himself as one of the masters of crime fiction.

Published by Allison & Busby (2007)