There’s nothing Detective Inspector Charlie Priest hates more than a case involving children. When Georgina, the eight-year-old daughter of local businessman Miles Dewhurst, goes missing, Charlie and his colleagues soon start to fear the worst. And Charlie’s suspicions are focused on Dewhurst – is his performance as desolate parent a little too pat?
In a race against time to find Georgina, Charlie’s life is further complicated when it seems a killer is targeting clergymen. Three have died suddenly, and a picture of a Destroying Angel mushroom has been left beside the body of the latest victim. It seems that something more than coincidence links the deaths – but why would a serial killer focus on men of the cloth? The bishop’s widow, Annabelle is another added distraction for Charlie – if he’s not careful he could soon find himself far more deeply embroiled in one of the cases than he’d ever imagined possible…Published by Allison & Busby (2004)